Court Rules of Ireland

Order 66: Infants



I. Evidence of Age

1. Where an infant sues as plaintiff, a certified extract from the register of births showing the date of his birth shall be produced and proved on his behalf at the trial or hearing or on an application to have a proposed settlement approved by the court and thereupon the said date shall be noted by the Registrar in the order.

II. Settlements

2. Upon applications to obtain the sanction of the court to infants making settlements on marriage under 18 & 19 Vic c 43 and 23 & 24 Vic c 83, the evidence shall show:

(a) the age of the infant;

(b) whether the infant has any parents or guardians;

(c) with whom or under whose care the infant is living, and, if the infant has no parents or guardians, who are the nearest relations of the infant;

(d) the position in life of the infant and parents;

(e) the particulars of the infant’s property and fortune;

(f) the age and position in life of the person to whom the infant is about to be married;

(g) the property, fortune, and income of such person;

(h) the fitness of the proposed trustees, and their consent to act.

3. The proposals for the settlement of the property of the infant, and of the person to whom such infant is proposed to be married, shall be submitted to the court.