Court Rules of Ireland

Order 105B: Health (Repayment Scheme) Act, 2006



1. An appeal to the court on a point of law under section 16(6) of the Health (Repayment Scheme) Act, 2006 by a person affected by a determination of the appeals adjudicator shall, subject to this Order, be brought and conducted in accordance with Order 84C.

[SI 190/08]

2. The originating notice of motion by which such appeal is initiated shall (save where either is the appellant) include as notice parties the Minister for Health and Children and the Health Service Executive.

[SI 190/08]

3. On the return date of the originating notice of motion (or any adjournment of such hearing), the court, on hearing any submissions made by the Minister for Health and Children or the Health Service Executive, may make an order joining either or both of those parties as respondents to the appeal.

[SI 190/08]